It’s tough to find a nice apartment in Vietnam. There are tons of website to check and the lettings market moves quick, so you have to ask over and over again: Where can I find apartments for rent? But let’s face it: it’s not easy not differentiate a scam and a real deal when you find apartments for rent online.

1. You have to move fast

Great apartments in Vietnam cities such as Ho Chi Minh City go quickly. A quick and smart renter will wake up early in the morning, check the apartment and take it by the afternoon. It does not take them long to wonder how to find apartments for rent. So what you have to do is to view the apartment quickly and carefully, check the contract and negotiate in a wise way and place a holding deposit in just a few hours.

Don’t count on the internet too much, just rely on some a best website to find apartments for rent such as MODOHO – a trusted agency in Ho Chi Minh city


Modoho is one of a few companies use websites to find apartments for rent and learn the different areas of Ho Chi Minh City and figure out which types of apartment you will encounter. Don’t rely too much on your agents or other websites, you can call directly to modoho’s agent to register with them and provide your contact details as well as describe clearly what you are looking for in an apartment.

2. Talk about details with your agent as much as possible

And you should be nice to them, too. If your agents have a good feeling about you for being nice, reliable or have a good position of budget, they will call you first. You don’t even have to ask them several times “where can I find apartments for rent?”

3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

If you really like the apartment and want to make a place to stay even the price is slightly above your budget, you can negotiate with the landlord or you can ask your agent to do that on your behalf. We have to try everything before the final decision. Be polite and nice when make the offer, you don’t want to look like impatient, angry, hurry or bossy… it may lead the negotiation to nowhere. If the landlord accepts to lower the price a little bit, you will save some money.

4. Keep the paper in order and where you can find them easily

An apartment contract is attracted with lots of other paper that you don’t want to miss a thing. If you are asking yourself: where can I find apartments for rent online? Then you should also find places that allow you to sign papers digitally. It’s safer, faster and easier to look up when you need them. Of course, there are not so many places in Vietnam do so, then you should keep papers in a file and store them somewhere save in the apartment.

Writer: MODOHO

I hope this article will help you in deciding your dream apartment when living in Ho Chi Minh city. If you need any help from a local expertise with free searching services (only landlord have to pay) feel free to contact us. Here is some listing for you:

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