Continue with the Checklist Before Moving To New Apartment, today I will show you the checklist to do in your big day. You will be busy as hell for all the stuffs happen today. But be prepared since your life will take a next step and it’s up to you to make it beautiful or not.

Starting from your old apartment, everything is transport to your new apartment, where you will settle down for a very long time. Note this down and tick for every single thing you finished and everything will be alright.

Here’s our checklist for your moving day

Moving Day: Your Old Apartment

– Moving day, or weekend for many, really has two steps: tying up loose ends at your old place and settling into the new one. This is what you should do to end your stay at your old apartment:

– Finish packing, check every nook and cranny to be sure you didn’t leave something behind.

– Take out the trash and complete any other last-minute cleaning tasks.

– Confirm payment method with your movers– when it comes to your friends, that might mean ordering a pizza and pulling out a pitcher of cold drinks.

– Keep pets and kids away from the action. Having a family member watch them is the safest option.

– Pick up your moving truck (if you’re moving yourself) and inspect the vehicle. If you’re using your own car, make sure it’s in good condition. You don’t want to deal with car troubles on moving day.

– Swap contact information with your movers.

– Pack your vehicle carefully.

– Turn off all the lights and put your keys in the designated spot. That could be on a counter or into your landlord’s hands.

Moving Day: Your New Place

– Getting out of your old apartment feels great, but it’s only the first leg of your journey.

– You might have to go back and forth a few times if you’re moving yourself, so adjust this checklist as needed. Once you’re moved into your new apartment , follow this checklist:

– Arrive before the moving company or your friends and unlock the apartment.

– Prop open any gates that lead in and out of the building so you have a safer and clearer path to your unit.

– Walk through with your new landlord before you start moving your boxes. Take photos and detailed notes. This is important when it comes time to get your security deposit back. Also have them show you where important things, such as utility hookups and shutoffs, are located.

– If you have time, clean the new apartment before you put boxes down. Prioritize sweeping and mopping, as apartment showings have likely introduced dirt and dust to the floors.

– Start moving in boxes. Place each box in the correct room, based on the labels you wrote while packing., the kitchen boxes go in the kitchen and the bedroom boxes go in your bedroom.

– Take inventory of your belongings to ensure all the boxes are there and nothing is damaged. This is more important if you’re working with professional movers, but unexpected things can happen even if you’re moving on your own.

– Pay and tip the movers, and give your friends whatever compensation you agreed upon, such as pizza.

– Return any rental truck you used.

– Unpack your priority box first, then get to work on anything else you have the time and energy to do.

– Enjoy your new apartment!

Settling in

Moving doesn’t end on moving day. Over the next month, here are some crucial things to get done:

– Finish unpacking all your boxes. We mean all of them. It seems like an obvious thing, but it’s so easy to leave a box untouched and assume that you’ll get to it later. Trying to handle a box a day should be a good enough pace to get done without too much difficulty.

– Pick up any mail from the local post office.

– Get new driver’s license and tags. If you changed states, or even just counties, there’s probably something you have to do related to your car. Do this as early as possible so you don’t get caught in a bureaucratic nightmare, driving a car with expired license plates for eight months (based on a true story).

– Plan a housewarming party. If you enjoy parties, you’re probably already doing this. If you don’t enjoy parties, this can still be a useful kick to get you to make the new place presentable. There are few things as motivating as the possibility of looking like a mess in front of people in your new neighborhood that you just met.

– Start exploring the area. You did some virtual research earlier, but now’s the time to walk or drive around and see what’s really near you. From the practical (grocery stores, gas stations) to the fun (movie theaters, bars, restaurants), you’ll want to get a good look at the place you’ll now be living for a while.

Moving is hard work, whether you do the entire task with your car or if you hire movers. This moving checklist should streamline the process, but don’t be afraid to personalize it. You may have a unique timeline and different items that will keep you organized. Congrats on the new place and good luck moving!

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