Vietnam is always a beautiful place in the eyes of every Vietnamese, but how do expats think and feel about our country? This is always a curiosity that all of us want to figure out. How is our culture, our traditional affect foreigners? Is it the same way as we think? Today, I will show you a fresher view, the way expats think and feel about Vietnam through some well-known expat blog.

If you are new in town, I suggest you check out these following blogs to gain more experience from living tips section, know more about the policy from laws section or get you dream apartment through rental tips section.

With these instruction and information, you can understand more about the country as well as get inspiration to make yourself an own blog. You also can start your life in Vietnam begin with the ability to cross the street full of motorbikes or taste street food vendor.

1.  So the adventure begins

Author: Frances, a Scottish lassie turned Vietnam expat circa 2016.

Category: life in Vietnam, travel around Vietnam as well as many other countries, TEFL.

About: So The Adventure Begins was born into being when I was on the cusp of adventuring to Vietnam (hence its namesake). Originally, it was meant to be a space for sharing the adventures of living in Vietnam with those back home (read: reassuring them I was staying safe and having fun). However when I first moved and started teaching, I found myself with more free time than expected and in need of a creative outlet – and so the blog became a burning passion project!

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2. Willful and wildhearted

Author: Laura, an American expat living in Saigon.

Category: life in Vietnam, travel around Vietnam as well as many other countries.

About: I started Willful and Wildhearted because I wanted to keep my friends and family back home up to date with my travels. Over time it has morphed into an informative space that enables me to write about my experiences dealing with expat life, travel tips and teaching English abroad while continuing to serve as a little corner of the internet for me to reflect and grow as a writer.

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3. Christina’s

Author: Many writers, mostly Vietnamese.

Category: lifestyle, food and beverage, travel around Vietnam, services for expats.

About: Christina’s provides amazing accommodation with a focus on common space to encourage social connections for our guests. Our homes are beautifully designed, yet simple and functional, and conveniently located throughout Vietnam.

Christina is also partner with Onetrip, famous for organize great trips for expats to experience the real Vietnam. You can also visit YouTube page Best ever food review show that is sponsored by Onetrip if you are a food enthusiast.

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4. Vietnam Coracle

Author: Tom, an expat lived in Vietnam since 2005.

Category: travel around Vietnam, food and beverage.

About: I created Vietnam Coracle in 2012, partly as a way to share and express the experiences I’ve had in this country, and partly because I was frustrated by meeting people who had come to Vietnam – either to live or to travel – and left disappointed. This site is my way of making sure that, for those with a sense of adventure, Vietnam doesn’t pass you by.

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5. Modoho blogs

Author: Last but not least is us, Modoho blogs. We have hundreds of posts about Ho Chi Minh city as well as other posts about the country.

Category: travel, rental, living tips, food and beverage, news.

About: Modoho prides itself on attracting and retaining the very best people in the property industry. We understand the intrinsic link between employing great people, providing them with a great experience, delivering great service to our clients and growing our reputation as a market-leading, global property services firm.

If are looking for living tips such as Mobile phone guide, Motorbike guide or rental guide like Expenses incurred when renting an apartment, … visit our blog.

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