Along with the development of the world art and music, Vietnamese artists have produced many great songs with amazing music videos in several genres.

2018 was a year that millions of fans were wowed by quality, creative music videos telling stories of heartbreak with melancholy ballads, wildly energetic electronic rhythms and addictive chorus bound to get the feet moving.

Here are top 10 most-watched Vietnamese music videos in 2018, based on view counts until the last day of the year.

10. Hom Nay Toi Buon (Blue day) | Phung Khanh Linh

In 6/2019: 57 million views

This melancholic ballad by young singer Phung Khanh Linh has neither a catchy chorus nor a hot beat, but it traps the listener in a maze of sadness. However, it also says that pain is also momentary, and does not last forever. The song is softing, touching and share with you the sorrow feeling in a bad day.

9. Nguoi Hay Quen Em Di (Please Forget Me) | My Tam

In 6/2019: 70 million views

The third single from Vietnamese diva My Tam’s comeback album “Tam 9” was a smash hit in Vietnam when its “drunken dance” in the music video became viral. It’s easy to get addicted to the song because of its catchy, romantic flamenco guitaring and bossa nova style that did not follow any current music trend.

8. Tan Cung Noi Nho (The End of Nostalgia) | Will x Han Sara

In 6/2019: 70.3 million views

A Korean and Vietnamese duet by Will and South Korean artist Han Sara, about two people in a broken relationship longing for the good old times reached the hearts of millions. Han Sara is a South Korean singer who has been living in Vietnam since she was 10 and she can speak both Korean and Vietnamese fluently. The 18-year-old singer first attracted notice when she took part in The Voice Vietnam 2017.

7. Thang Dien (Crazy Man) | JustaTee x Phuong Ly

In 6/2019: 93.5 million views

Everybody is crazy when they’re in love. This is the message of this dreamy, slow R&B joint from the two young singers. A fun fact about the song is that it was composed by Vietnamese YouTube streamer Dang Tien Hoang that went by the name ViruSs and a famous singer, producer- Justatee. It also contains a reference to the Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 2003 hit “Crazy in Love”, with lyrics going “You’re singing like Beyoncé and I’m rapping like Jay-Z.” With wonderful chorus, catching molodies and perfect collaboration of Justatee X Phuong Ly, it’s not amazing that this song acclaims many attention and gets high rank.

6. Bua Yeu (Love Spell) | Bich Phuong

In 6/2019: 103 million views

When people fall in love, they want their lovers feeling the same them. And the simplest way to make someone fall in love with is to cast a spell on them. The haunting, chic and trippy theme of the music video, along with the watery guitar chords and the energetic drop in the end made “Bua Yeu” one of the biggest Vietnamese hits in 2018.

5. Chay Ngay Di (Run Now) | Son Tung M-TP

In 6/2019: 111 million views

The comeback single from Vietnamese pop sensation Son Tung M-TP marked another achievement for Vietnamese music, as it garnered 22 million views in just 24 hours, making it Asia’s most views music video in a day on YouTube, until a famous K-pop boygroup BTS broke the record again with their hit song “Fake Love”. The heavily infused trap song talks about the resentment of a man for his woman cheating him, a resentment so deep that he’s ready to burn it all.

4. Tam Su Tuoi 30 (Confidence of A 30 Year Old) | Trinh Thang Binh

In 6/2019: 128 million views

“I have gone through one-third of my life, but why is my heart still lonely?” is the heartfelt question posed by singer/songwriter Trinh Thang Binh. He wrote the song for the soundtrack of Vietnamese movie “30-Year-Old-Grandpa”, in which he was the lead actor.

3. Cham Day Noi Dau (When the Pain Hits Rock Bottom) | Erik x Mr. Siro

In 6/2019: 143 million views

This music video feels like a movie with a sorrowful love story and unhappy, when singer Erik plays a man that got dumped by his lover for another stronger, more masculine man. He tries to win his girl back, but the effort proves futile. The heartbreaking song hit the 100 million mark in less than four months.

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2. Minh Cuoi Nhau Di (Let’s Get Married) | Pjnboys x Huynh James

In 6/2019: 175 million

This light-hearted, funny song is influenced by Latin pop and reggaeton which are currently in vogue. Its music video, shot in the beautiful beaches of Binh Thuan, a southern province in Vietnam, talks about getting married when the right time comes.

1. Nguoi La Oi! (Dear Stranger!) | Superbrothers x Karik x Orange

In 6/2019: 179 million

And the champion- the most watched Vietnamese music video of 2018 is the collaboration between producer duo Superbrothers, rapper Karik and singer Orange is also the fastest music video to reach 100 million in Vietnam (in just 38 days). The reason behind this unexpected success of this rap/EDM song is the repetitive hook of Orange, the relatable lyrics from Karik’s verses and the eccentric production from Superbrothers, addressing common subjects such as stress and loneliness.