For many foreigners, learning Vietnamese is an extraordinary challenge. Even after hundreds of hours, simple phrases still sound like garbled nonsense, and lessons seem to get them nowhere. If you’re one of these people, listening to these popular Vietnamese songs could be a trick.

Hà Okio

It’s catchy, fun and it’ll help you to order those iced coffees you crave every morning. This song is a popular choice for Vietnamese people introducing their language to foreigners. The lyrics are fairly simple, and Ha Okio enunciates his words well. Through this song, you can practice Vietnamese well!

His recommended song: Sài Gòn Cafe Sữa Đá


This is a hit of Justatee in 2013, a song that young people in Vietnam listen in every day and every time. The song has the added benefit of an English chorus, so you start the song already knowing a good chunk of it. Just follow along with the lyrics and you will immediately enjoy the wonderful chorus of it. Practice it over and over to get the pronunciation. Besides learning new language, it also help you to renew your day with wonderful melodies.

His recommended song: Forever Alone


Emily is a popular R&B singer, and in this song she slows it down for a romantic tune. She’s famous for starting her career as a model, but now she becomes a well-known singer with a list of hits. Vietnamese is a language that uses a variety of tones to

express the whole sentence’s meaning. So that this ballad song will be a good choice for you to enjoy and practice Vietnamese.

Her recommended song: Sẽ Chỉ Là Mơ

Soobin Hoàng Sơn

Here’s one of the most popular singers in Vietnam today. This song made it onto several lists for best Vietnamese songs in 2017, and 23 million views speak for themselves. The lyrics are on screen as well, helping you to hear how words are spoken as you’re listening and the rhythm is absolutely catching that will make you repeat and shaking your body.

His recommended song: Xin Đừng Lặng Im

Đông Nhi

Đông Nhi is famous in Vietnam. She having won the first season of the television show, The Remix, as well as winning Best Asian Artist in 2016 at the MTV European Music Awards. “Xin anh dung”  is a catching song with strong beat and easy for you to follow. Just close your eyes and let’s the pulsing heartbeat rhythm help you to explore this Vietnamese song.

Her recommended song: Xin Anh Đừng