Made-in-Vietnam movies are now coming at age. That launching hits-after-hits even forces the most fastidious fans to change their minds. The following top 5 Vietnamese movies in 2019 are exactly the undeniable proves of the rise of Vietnamese cinema.

Top 5 Vietnamese movies in 2019

1. Cua Lai Vo Bau  (Win My Baby Back)

Cua Lai Vo Bau

IMDB rating: 6.2

The rom-com directed by Nhat Trung, “Cua Lai Vo Bau” (Win Back My Pregnant Wife), was highest-grossing Vietnamese film of all time at VND 193 billion ($8.3 million), as it features well-known comedians such as Huu Chau, Hari Won and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc.

It tells the story of a reserved man who tries winning back his pregnant wife’s love, although he unsures of the father’s identity.

In 2019, “Win Back My Pregnant Wife” was awarded a Silver Lotus in the motion picture category at Vietnam Film Festival.

2. Hai Phuong (Furie)

Hai Phuong (Furie)

IMDB rating: 6.3

“Furie”, directed by Le Van Kiet, was selected for the International Feature Film category at the 2020 Oscars.

It is about the story of a Mekong Delta ex-gangster who embarks on a journey to rescue her kidnapped daughter.

This martial arts movie is considered as the highest-grossing Vietnamese film of all time, gaining 200 billion ($8.64 million) within 4 weeks since the time of release in February.

3. Mat Biec (Dreamy Eyes)

. Mat Biec (Dreamy Eyes)

IMDB rating: 7.4

Based on one of the most famous books by novelist Nguyen Nhat Anh, “Dreamy Eyes” tells the one-sided love story of Ngan, a young man, for his childhood girlfriend, Ha Lan.

This romantic drama movie, produced by Vietnamese-American director Victor Vu, has gained VND 100 billion mark within just nine days after releasing, which is an impressive number in Vietnameses movies in 2019.

4. Chi Chi Em Em (Sister Sister)

Chi Chi Em Em (Sister Sister)

IMDB rating: 6.8

“Sister Sister” is well-known by famous celebrities such as Thanh Hang, Chi Pu, Lanh Thanh and Kathy Uyen.

This psychological movie exploring the love story of two beautiful women — Thien Kim and Bao Nhi in a complicated fighting game.

According to a recent report, “Sister Sister” has earned $1.94 million after releasing around 2 weeks, which is considered as one out of the top 10 grossing Vietnamese movies.

5. Anh Trai Yeu Quai (Dear Devil Brothers)

Anh Trai Yeu Quai (Dear Devil Brothers)

IMDB rating: 7.1

This comedy/ drama movie is about two siblings with different mothers who have to live side by side after a long-time separated period, causing many disastrous situations to happen.

“Dear Devil Brothers” is the latest movie of Vu Ngoc Phuong – a young director famous for “12 chom sao: Ve duong cho huou chay” (2015) and “100 ngay ben em” (2018), starring Isaac, Dieu Nhi and Phung Phi.

This movie reached $1.94 million at the end of December.

Hitting impressive revenue numbers, these Vietnamese movies in 2019 might be the best example for all the outstanding movie in this country. We hope you enjoy these top movies!