Vietnamese music has influenced music worldwide. In many countries around the world, mainly in convenient stores, you can hear them playing Vietnamese music and people sing along to the Vietnamese pop star regardless of whether they understand or not.

There are some talented Vietnamese singers and musicians that are well-known around the world. Some of them performed traditional ballads, some sang rap on hip hop beats or EDM riffs. But among all types of music, pop music is welcomed the most by everyone.

Here are the best Vietnamese pop star who are redefining the pop genre of this country with new Viet songs.

Son Tung M-TP

Son Tung M-TP is undeniably the the most famous Vietnamese pop star in the pop music today. His face looks out from countless billboards, and if you’ve spent any considerable time in Vietnam, then you’ve definitely heard his songs.

In 2017, he became the first Vietnamese singer to reach one million YouTube subscribers, earning him the Gold Play Button – just one of his many awards. He is at the forefront of Vietnamese musicians who are blending styles from around the world to change the local music landscape, combining raw talent with style and entertainment value.

His famous new Viet songs is Chay Ngay Di, a recommended one that is very popular worldwide.

Youtube: Sơn Tùng M-TP Official


MIN emerged as a solo talent from the famous Vietnamese dance group, St.319, releasing her debut album in 2013. Her videos, famous for their style and dramatic storytelling, are packed with trendy fashion and eye-catching scenery.

Two of her videos – Có em chờ and Ghen – were among the top nine most viewed Vietnamese music videos on YouTube in 2017. Her new Viet songs – Dung yeu nua, em met roi is in Top 1 trending recently.

Youtube: MIN Official

Mỹ Tâm

Mỹ Tâm first became a household name in Vietnam in the early 2000s, when her ballads became cult classics among university students. Since then, she’s had a stellar career of chart-toppers and international fame.

Her ninth album, Tâm 9 (2017), even reached number nine on Billboard’s World Album Chart, making her the highest ranking Vietnamese pop star of all time. Although My Tam don’t release any new Viet songs recently, she still one of the best Vietnamese pop star.

Youtube: My Tam

Soobin Hoàng Sơn

After years in the Hanoi underground scene, Soobin Hoàng Sơn rocketed to superstardom in 2016 with his breakout song, Phía Sau Một Cô Gái (Behind a Girl).

Even though Soobin Hoàng Sơn is in his prime, he makes himself available as a coach to many young and talented Vietnamese pop star, which has earned him a lot of respect. Every new song he releases amasses millions of views in just days, and he’ll be a mainstay of the Vietnamese pop scene for years to come.

Youtube: Soobin Hoàng Sơn Official

Hương Tràm

Singing competitions are the most popular things on TV in Vietnam, but before the market became saturated with all kinds of copycats, there was just one: The Voice of Vietnam. Hương Tràm won the first season, back in 2012, and has been on the ascent ever since.

Her video, Em Gái Mưa (2017), has over 100 million views, making it one of the most viewed videos by a Vietnamese pop star in 2017.

Youtube: Hương Tràm Singer

Only C

With several Green Wave awards, which is an annual ceremony featuring the best in Vietnamese music, Only C is regularly among the top names in the scene. His song, Yêu Là “Tha Thu”, was the title track for the smash hit film, Em chua 18 (2017), which became the biggest Vietnamese movie of all time.

Only C is a very talented person. He is also well-known for being one of the best producer. His new Viet songs sung by Lou Hoang is one of the most favorite songs in this April.

Youtube: OnlyC Production

Đông Nhi

Đông Nhi’s singing career had a slow start when she was unable to find success on popular singing competitions, but she persevered and developed her talents in the studio.

After a brief hiatus from music in 2009, she returned as one of the biggest names in Vietnamese music, winning many prestigious awards along the way, including the Best Asian Artist at the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Youtube: ĐÔNG NHI

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