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Complete Guide About Motorcycle In Vietnam

Moreover, if you want to take a short trip around Ho Chi Minh city or other provinces, it won’t be difficult anymore with a motorbike with you. Here is an in-depth guide about motorcycle in Vietnam

Jobs For Expats In Vietnam

If you want to experience the real Vietnam, earn enough money to live and travelling around the whole nation, this article will provide you some necessary information about jobs for expats in Vietnam.

Expenses Incurred When Renting An Apartment In Ho Chi Minh City

It might a shock when you figure out there are many fees incurred when renting an apartment. Here is the list of fees you should notice to compute your budget before decided to rent an apartment.

Mobile Phone Guide When Coming To Vietnam

I know what it is like when coming to a strange country so here is my guide about cell phones for expats coming to Vietnam.

New Tax policy for owning property in Vietnam

In addition to taxes, property transfer fees, from 2017, people who own two or more properties may be subject to income tax, in accordance with the Law on Property Tax.

The Criterion For Choosing Effective Office In Vietnam

Choosing which building to rent is an important decision because the relationship between the landlord and tenant will usually last many years.

Buying a house in Italy with 1 USD!

That is one of the reason the services of tourism and housing are expensive. However, in contrast to this, a beautiful little town in Italy called Ollolai is selling the house for just $ 1, cheaper than a cup of cappuccino.

Transportation guide in Ho Chi Minh city

Here’s an in-depth guide about public transportation in Ho Chi Minh city, which you can follow to get the most enjoyable journey.

Top 10 places to visit in Ho Chi Minh city

Here are top 10 tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city you should visit in order not to miss anything this city has to offer:

What to do in your first time in Ho Chi Minh...

Check out our guide for travelling in Ho Chi Minh city in your first few days and experience these spectacular scenery

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