Thursday 6/9 * 4p * St. George Theatre
Saturday 6/11 * 6:10p * Snug Harbor Veteran’s Hall

Dir: Michael Zarzana
Sometimes in life you make choices, but sometimes those choices make you.

Dir Jenn Gellman and Millie Acosta
Caught in the middle of what truth and fantasy is, Vincent finds out his feelings for his best friend runs deeper then just friendship as he fights this battle and is torn between the dream girl and his best friend. Who will he choose?

Dir:Liam Vianale
Taking a cue from Cheech and Chong, Jay and Silent Bob, and The Pineapple Express, two stoner buddies find themselves in hot water after a mistaken mail transaction.

Green Apples & Wannabes
Dir: Stephen Scott Scarpulla
Seventeen year old Ben has always considered himself a failure. After a family tragedy, this small town teenager goes on a journey to the Big Apple to find success and prove his worth. Along the way, he meets a cast of quirky characters that ultimately help him gain a new perspective on the world and himself.

Broken Road
Dir: Peter James Iengo
After losing his mother a city boy has a second lease on life, but he never thought this second chance would be down south on a small ranch, with its owner, and daughter.


Thursday 6/9 * 6:10p * Snug Harbor Vetran’s Hall

Dir: Mike Rizzo
Bay Rizz tells a personal story about how he became the Mayor of Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Through magical pizza squares and a pomp hair style he is able to tap into his inner super hero to showcase the lovely neighborhood and all the notable locals in a rap video parody. Bay Rizz takes us on his ravishing life account from angry elders to hot women plus much more.

Dir: Joey Picciotto
Gloria and Eddie are a pair of contract killers. One night on a routine job, an unexpected turn can complicate their mission.

 Dir: Sean Gannet
Mad science meets movie musicals when a lonely-hearted egoist with a homemade cloning machine fails to create the perfect woman… Repeatedly!

Dir: Matt Maltese
In association with The Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre and Historic Richmondtown, To Kill A Mockingbird: The Documentary reveals the rehearsal process of several actors under the direction of Wayne Miller to recreate Harper Lee’s tale like it’s never been seen before. In the Historic Third County Courthouse in Staten Island.

Dir: Matthew Provenzano
“The Coming of Age” is a stop-motion animation film written, produced, animated, and directed by Matthew Provenzano. The movie is comprised of approximately 1,400 hand drawn pictures and took a little over two months of non-stop work to put together. “The Coming of Age” is about the simplicity of life, how short it is, and how we should enjoy it while we can. Through a soaring acoustic instrumental written by Dominic Provenzano and multiple images being shown to accompany the song, “The Coming of Age” presents an original short film with a message about life.

Dir: Philadelphia Folklore Project’Eatala’ is a loving portrait of Elaine Hoffman Watts, a renowned klezmer percussionist. The film shows how Elaine (her Yiddish name is ‘Eatala’), a feisty and determined musician, has broken barriers – as a musician, a working mother, and in her persistent devotion to her family’s klezmer music. Drawing on performance footage, family movies, historic photographs, and interviews, Eatala traces a klezmer tradition sustained over four generations in a single family – with a good dose of humor and joy. Eatala features performances by Elaine Hoffman Watts, Susan Lankin Watts and an all-star klezmer band with Josh Dolgin, Jay Krush, Rachel Lemisch, Hankus Netsky, Henry Sapoznik, and Carmen Staaf; it is a Philadelphia Folklore Project production.


Thursday 6/9 * 8p * St. George Theatre
Friday 6/10 * 6:10p * Snug Harbor Veteran’s Hall

Dir Philip Giordano
Jack, a middle aged man struggling with inner demons tries to abduct a young girl from a playground.

Dir Ken Pak
There was only one person who understood the hell William Kemp went through… and when history repeats, William will be the one who will have to understand.

Dir Benjamin Busch
BRIGHT carries us into the life of Troy, played by Eric Nenninger, a character who has built a world to protect himself from a paralyzing fear, and is encouraged to become brave by his blind adopted father Irwin, played by Robert Wisdom.  The cast is a stunning collection of actors from HBO’s The Wire and Generation Kill to include Emmy Award Winner Glynn Turman, and Andre Royo.  BRIGHT is a contemplative film built for interpretation on several levels: as a metaphor for an impossible search for childhood, as a metaphor for a spiritual journey, and as a story about the conflict between the natural and the artificial.  The dialog is carefully crafted, sometimes cryptic, and there is weighed symbolism in every frame.  It restores wonder to the film experience.   

Dir: Salvatore Petrosino
Dominick Longo, the local bookie in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, blames God for punishing him for the things he has done wrong in his life by giving him a learning disabled son. Every time he sees his son Buddy, he is reminded of his own handicap as a human being. As a member of the local social club who assists the church, he is chosen to carry a special crucifix commemorating the local church’s 100th anniversary of the Good Friday  procession.  Dominick soon confronts his own personal crossroads that his son is not a cross in his life.


Thursday 6/9 * 8:10p *Snug Harbor Veteran’s Hall
Saturday 6/11 * 4p * St. George Theatre

PULL …An Action Junkies Tale
 Dir John Cafaro
Tim’s a professional gambler who seems to have it all: brains, a healthy bank roll and a constant stream of suckers who line his pockets with long shot bets. But when he develops an obsession with a simple card game, he starts to wonder where the line between luck and skill is drawn. Meeting a mysterious girl spins Tim’s world even farther off axis as he struggles with the idea that all of his winning bets have possibly added up to an empty life.  

Dir: Edgar Jimz
Detective Jack Peterson is a decorated that stands for a law abiding society and justice for all. But when the natural balance of life turns against his son’s life, he will soon realize that the only way to save his son’s life will be by breaking the same laws he was sworn to protect. A conflict will arise deep within his mind. His son or to cross the police line. “Even the finest Cop can be forced to cross the line”.

Dir: Lance Reha
On his way to his latest victim, amoral Hit Man, Robert Brennan, gets  trapped in an elevator with Grace Strazzullo, an elderly crippled woman. As claustrophobia grips Robert tight, he begins to panic and it’s up to Grace to talk him down.      

Dir Michael  Consolmagno
Professional Wrestling started as a gymnasium filled extravaganza, this documentary takes it back to its roots showcasing those athletes that perform not for the large stadium crowds but for the average family, and for personal satisfaction.


Thursday 6/9 * 10:10p * Snug Harbor Vetran’s Hall

Dir: Rick Hansberry
On their annual holiday get together, four friends trudge through the snow in search of the perfect Christmas tree. What they discover in the woods are lessons to last a lifetime. Featuring Daniel Stern as the Narrator, this award-winning short film script, uses the backdrop of Crystal Spring Tree Farm in Lehighton, Pennsylvania to convey a timeless message of friendship.

Dir: Joe Pomarico
Seen through the eyes of director Joe Pomarico, tells a story of how art influences and increases the bond between grandfather and grandson. 

Dir: Eduardo R. Miyar
Harold (Ken Martin) is a former radio show host in his eighties not quite ready for his star to wane.  Though the station he helped build has long since moved on without him in a new direction and with a new conservative talk show star (Joe J. Cassara), he’s secretly planning his big return to the airwaves. For Harold has concocted a ventriloquist act along with his dummy companion, Lenny Schpilkus.  Together they form the sadly stale and vaudevillian “Lipschitz & Schpilkus Comedy Revue.” Meanwhile, Harold’s daughter, Eloise (Judy Mendelsohn), doesn’t quite know what to do with either of them.

Dir: John T. Trigonis
The grammatical world of former six-time National Spelling Bee champ Josh Kermes is thrown into disarray when the director of the tutoring center he works for hires a new writing tutor, Shivam Shah, who also happens to be the person who won the spelling bee Josh had lost 20 years ago. Chaos and competition ensue up, down, and diagonally in this short quirky dramedy, culminating in the ultimate showdown. It’s man against word: Will Josh finally overcome the word that took him down?

Dir. Gabriella Loutfi
“The Forgery” takes us back to the 1920’s to reveal how Henri VanMeegeren, a no-name artist, criticized for his outdated techniques, uses his talents of being a chemist and oil painter to create ‘Vermeer’ forgeries. Not only does he fool the most prominent art specialists into believing his fake paintings date back 300 ago, but he manages to get these ‘newly discovered Vermeers’ featured in museums around the world.


Friday 6/10 * 12p * St. George Theatre

Dir. Richard Stratton
This faith based story is of one community’s struggle to deal with
the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. The community is Staten
Island, New York, the north shore of which is opposite lower Manhattan.
The Island was home to many of the firefighters and civilians who lost
their lives in September 2001, and while some wounds have healed, the raw
nerves are still palpable in this patriotic community which is best
described as the biggest small town in America.
The story depicts a young boy, whose father (a firefighter) dies on
September 11th, causing a latent autistic tendency to manifest and result
in his psychological isolation. A decade later, after being touched by the
Holy Spirit, he is broken from his withdrawn state to help his brother see
the light and refrain from his bigoted attitude that had become pervasive
after their father perished in the attacks.
This story presents a metaphor for America as a whole, and explores the
subject of grief and forgiveness, …”their lives thereafter”.

Dir, Sean Campbell
You can fool someone else but you can’t fool yourself


Friday 6/10 * 2p * St. George Theatre

Dir. Amar ChebibUpon being drafted for military service, Ahmad, a determined young Syrian poet, decides to flee the country. Consequently, he is forced up against his conservative family, reluctant lover, and must negotiate his way through the labyrinthine bureaucracy of Damascus.

Dir: Sébastien Rossignol
After a horrible accident that leaves her disfigured and fleeing the media pressure, famous actress Vera Bella decides to take some rest at a secret ocean side manor. A place she hasn’t been in a long time…



Friday 6/10 * 4p * St. George Theatre

Dir Chelsea Marino
“The Retreat,” introduces three childhood friends who are living wildly different versions of an unfulfilled life; Margaret, a distracted editor of a major ‘Tween’ magazine, Skyler, a quirky animal rights activist, and Natasha a former dancer, who is now married to a stringent corporate job.  Unaware of each others’ trials, all three women are brought back together when their fourth childhood friend, Onya, restarts her mother’s restorative retreat in their hometown and reaches out for their help.  During their week at home, the four  friends find it hard to keep recent secrets in their lives from each other and are forced to honestly view the power of their life choices.

Dir: Nicole Warner
Inspired by a true story, “See You on the Other Side,” introduces us to Zoey Meola – a vibrant, beautiful, young woman celebrating her 23rd birthday.  With great friends and a boyfriend who adores her, life couldn’t get much better.  There’s just one problem: Zoey’s celebration is about to take a tragic turn, one that will alter her existence forever…  “See You on the Other Side” promises to be as entertaining as it is poignant and thought provoking.  An off-beat comedy and a heart breaking drama, the film touches on questions of faith, love and life after death.

Dir: Chris Oglio
Victoria (Tracy Costa), a high-powered workaholic, executive reluctantly decides to drive a stranded young woman named Olivia (Stephanie Imperato) back home. While they are driving back the curious Olivia begins to ask Victoria some very deep and personal questions that Victoria has hidden even from herself. Through a series of misfortunes and sidetracks they reach their destination. However things take a strange turn when Victoria drops Olivia off at her home. There Victoria meets Olivia’s father Bill (Ernest Mingione) and things are not what they seem. “Roads Less Traveled” is a journey for Victoria and Olivia that leads them to many surprises and life altering discoveries. The journey was the catalyst as their destination was merely the beginning in a world where things are not what they seem. Based on the true-life urban legends of the Vanishing Hitchhiker.

Dir: Sean Marlon Newcombe
A dynamic, hard-hitting look at the behind-the-scenes world of a modern political campaign. Congresswoman Lusi Lion champions ‘New Politics’ in her quest to become the mayor of the city of Lenape, New York. As the days wind down towards the election, the conflicts in her campaign bring into question the ‘newness’ of her political call, and we watch as her advisors, Joan Quinn, Vince Romani and Joseph ‘Fitz’ Fitzpatrick, battle for the soul of her candidacy. Local reporter Tricia Woodward is there as the drama unfolds.
Sneak Preview
Dir: Beth Gage and George Gage
“From the Ground Up: 10 Years after 9/11” will honor those who were lost and recount the recount the trauma, recovery, and rebirth of families of FDNY firemen killed on in the World .  This documentary film will also highlight and celebrate the myriad contributions that 9/11 families have extended to their communities as they seek ways to honor those who were lost.


Friday 6/10 * 8p * St. George Theatre
Saturday 6/11 * 8p * Snug Harbor Music Hall

Dir: Michael M Hatch
“The Paro Olympics” follows an international underground drinking competition that occurs every 4 years in the host country of the Olympics, in a different and secret location from the host city.

Dir: Kenneth Wajda
“A young married couple wake up on a Saturday morning, their backs to each other, and each thinks the other is still asleep.  But they are actually both awake.  While they wait for the other to wake up, we hear their thoughts for the weekend, which are not exactly similar.” 

Dir: Nilufer Rahman
A lighthearted comedy about culturally diverse moviegoers who get on each other’s nerves while viewing a foreign film.  They quickly discover, however, that some things need no translation.
Dir: Dave Broitman  
Mitch is a loving husband who would do anything for his controlling wife Beth.  Hours before Beth’s parents’ anniversary dinner, Beth gives Mitch his newest ultimatum: either get a haircut or no more sex…ever.  Mitch races against the clock, stopping at nothing to fulfill Beth’s demand.

Dir: Tom Bragg
As Sam Taylor settles in for a late night snack, he is visited by The Archangel Ralph, the bearer of bad news. When Sam learns he only has minutes left to live, the disgruntled Ralph, who’s been on the job for centuries, attempts to shed some light on what happens in our final moments.

Dir: Jon Cohen
In the safety of their own home, a married couple should be allowed to play games without fear… shouldn’t they? When James whips out the furry leopard print handcuffs, and challenges his wife Anna to find the key in 5 minutes, there should be no problem right? No one expects what’s coming next, it’s the worst time for the in laws to suddenly decide to come visit…

Dir: Mark Cabaroy
The Sweet Life is the comic story of two kids Dirk and Andy, who steal from Victor a local gangster by sneaking extra poker chips into an illegal back room card game.  Needing to save face, Victor sends his two henchmen Patsy and Gene to retrieve his money and teach the kids a lesson- the hard way.


Friday 6/10 * 8:10p * Snug Harbor Vetran’s Hall
Saturday 6/10 * 10:10p * Snug Harbor Veteran’s Hall

Dir Susan Hippen
“Oh Sister” is a comedy about the dysfunctional bond between Aidan and Claire, who regress sixty years in a sibling rivalry standoff.

Dir: Elizabeth Page
Hannah has spent her life trying to do the right thing, but despite her efforts she can not catch a break or win the sought after affection of her mother, nor the respect of her scheming brother. She finds solace in softball, and  eventually this family strife culminates on the ball-field when Hannah must make some tough decisions, and finally take matters into her own hands.

Dir Olga Pampinella
When the strong willed Ruth, suffering from cancer, moves in with her new daughter-in-law Andrea they are forced to work out the
territorial implications of living in the same household and coming to terms with one another on Christmas Eve.

Dir: Giovanni Alberti
David has always felt out of place in his own family. As long as he can remember he has carried this feeling of not belonging, an innate distance. Suddenly, his thoughts and feelings collide as he begins to believe that he is a kidnapped child. Is this the truth or a cry for attention from a misunderstood boy?

Dir: Svetlana Barr
Mathew and Lewis age 12 are best friends. When Lewis unexpectedly commits suicide Mathew life is turned upside down. While the adult world mourning around him, the truth about what happened is revealed through Matthew’s eyes. Past and present collide as an evocative journey of destroyed innocence and secrecy unravels before us – in this powerful examination of child abuse and revenge.

Dir: Philip Lepherd

Dir: Lance J. Reha
After an Iraq war veteran with memory loss mysteriously disappears from his home, he must overcome his disability and face treacherous turns as he searches for the right way back.