There are many cheap apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam currently right now. You can always visit MODOHO for a very best bargain. The furnished housing is way too cheap for these things:

It’s a fine apartment for just 600$/ month. For every foreigner in saigon, their average salary would be 10,000$/month, so this price for a month is superb and awesome. The square feet ís 44 square per meter, as it located in District 2.

This apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam is one of the best place for renting in D2. There are many apartments in D1, D3 and D5, but the price couldn’t be compete with this place.


Excellent interior design, suitable feng shui. The corner is decorate with a four wheel table mobility, above with a charming photo frame hanging on the wall. Two single salons reside along the elegant light window. Light fills the room, leaving on the glass table these tiny sparkle that could make your sit look likes a king’s throne.

Another best site for looking to cheap apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam is viet-house.This site with the cheapest price on earth, has a special weapon. This price is low, but it just in short term. Which mean when you looking to apartment for rent short term in Ho Chi Minh, you can always looking at this site and stay there for a fairy low price in short term.

A 42 inch TV locate on the back of the wall with super high speed TVC cable and internet. The dining room consist of four warm chair and a wood table with a glass layer. Flower pot decorate the dinner for more romantics atmosphere and will make your apartment tidy. A cozy bed with white drape cover the super smooth pillow. It accompanies you and your partner into your dream land and for surely you would never want to leave that place again.

The last competitor but also worth mention is servicedapartment. For the cheap apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam race, this could become the champion due to its fastest and best service. Just 15 min for a call. If you are in the urgent for a renting, come to this site and check it out.

This is the first site ever for apartments for rent in ho chi minh vietnam, as it coming on the internet on the early stage. With its traditional quality and durable, the option for renting in these site is massive. In conclusion, you might want to try these site above immediately, and probably love it. The journey is long, but with the help of these site, who knows, might be you will be finish before the other and gain advantages points.

Good things don’t come easy, and it won’t have for many. Choose wisely, my friends. Wish you all the luck.

Writer: MODOHO

I hope this article will help you in deciding your dream apartment when living in Ho Chi Minh city. If you need any help from a local expertise with free searching services (only landlord have to pay) feel free to contact us. Here is some listing for you:

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