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Tuyen Vu painting: The Season of Love in 2013

Tuyen Vu with Lotus Flower Passion

In 2015, Tuyen Vu wrote:“I love lotus flowers and also love painting them…They represent love, optimism and a beautiful life. I love...
Bamboo Circus shows rice-picking factory line

For the 1st time, a Vietnamese show Bamboo Circus performed in Sydney Opera House

À Ố Làng Phố, one of the most well-known Vietnamese Bamboo Circus shows, will surprise Australians at the Sydney Opera House, becoming...
View Across Hàng Gai (Hemp Street), 1994

The Rapid Modernisation of Post-War Hanoi through Photos

William E. Crawford is one of the first Western photographers to travel inside post-war Hanoi in 1985. He began documenting the transformation...