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Best Thriller Movies In The 2000s You Mustn’t Miss

From suspenseful dramas, psychological mind-benders, and gritty mysteries, there are many good thriller movies for you to enjoy. But what makes a good thriller? It's difficult to say exactly, and the proliferation of subgenres only complicates the question: psychological, erotic, supernatural, legal, political, and so many more.
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The 6 Best Art Galleries in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Saigon’s art scene has rapidly evolved from a commercial art hub to an eclectic community of talented and unique contemporary artists. Galleries...

The 5 Most Popular Vietnamese Television Shows

When it comes to entertainment in Vietnam, the television is the undisputed champion. Whether they’re streaming on their mobiles, or gathered with...

The 6 Best Vietnamese Movies of All Time

Although Vietnamese film only receives a humble amount of attention on the international stage, the country boasts many visually stunning and powerful...

Fundamental Design Principle For Your Home Decoration

Some people are born with a great eye for decoration and design. Others learn the skill and are able to apply it successfully. And then there are the rest of us. If you don't have much of a knack for design, a few basic techniques can help you with it.

7 Tips To Build Relationship With Your Landlord

Dealing with your landlord may be a challenging task if you aren’t skillful. In case you don’t know, build a good relationship can gives you many benefits that you can’t even imagine. From late on paying rented fee to renewing your lease at a fair rate, all you need is to be nice with your landlord

Best Vietnamese Pop Star With Famous New Viet Songs

In many countries around the world, mainly in convenience stores, you can hear them opening Vietnamese music and people sing along to the new Viet songs of the Vietnamese pop star regardless of whether they understand or not.

Top 10 Vietnam War Documentary

One of the most catastrophic wars in Vietnamese history that the consequences have remained until now is the war against the US from 1955 to 1975. But from those unequal battles, our father's heroic stories inspired many movies, songs and books.

Pet-friendly Apartment List In Ho Chi Minh City

As far as is known, pet-friendly apartment is not an extremely familiar term particularly in Vietnam and Asian countries in general. However, Saigon already offers a fair number of pet-friendly accommodations for those who really love their beloved pets and tend to stay with them during their journey.

Difference Among Districts In Ho Chi Minh City

It comprises of 24 districts: 19 central districts and 5 suburban districts. Each one has their own distinctiveness in their cultures, living style, cuisine, level of development and so on.

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Tuyen Vu painting: The Season of Love in 2013

Tuyen Vu with Lotus Flower Passion

In 2015, Tuyen Vu wrote:“I love lotus flowers and also love painting them…They represent love, optimism and a beautiful life. I love...
Bamboo Circus shows rice-picking factory line

For the 1st time, a Vietnamese show Bamboo Circus performed in Sydney Opera House

À Ố Làng Phố, one of the most well-known Vietnamese Bamboo Circus shows, will surprise Australians at the Sydney Opera House, becoming...
View Across Hàng Gai (Hemp Street), 1994

The Rapid Modernisation of Post-War Hanoi through Photos

William E. Crawford is one of the first Western photographers to travel inside post-war Hanoi in 1985. He began documenting the transformation...