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Best Family Activities in Ho Chi Minh City (Part 2)

As a kid, your children all want their parents to take them outside and having with outdoor activities. Here is the list of the best family activities that kids enjoy the most with price, time, location included.

Best Family Activities in Ho Chi Minh City (Part 1)

In the melting pot city of Ho Chi Minh, you will never get bored due to the variety of activities for you to experience here. There are a long range of things you can try from expansive amusement park to lush gardens or even traditional performances on theatres.

Top 10 Boutiques in Ho Chi Minh city

Saigon is definitely a shopping paradise, whether you are looking for a Western clothes or the traditional “ao dai”, there are some stores that can satisfied even the hardest guests.

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City in rainy days

Vietnam for general or Ho Chi Minh city for particular located near the Equator of the Earth, so the weather here is very comfortable. In Saigon, there are 2 types of seasons: wet season and dry season. The dry season runs from November to late April while the wet season runs from May to early November.

8 Free and Cheap Activities To Do In Ho Chi Minh...

What can you do in the bustle and hustle city of Ho Chi Minh if you only have a small budget? In case you don’t know, Vietnam is a low living cost country, so everything here is very cheap and affordable. Although you can live in a luxury life in 5-star hotels but experience the normal life of Vietnamese people is an interesting thing to try, especially for travellers who don’t have much money.

Ho Chi Minh City Center

Ho Chi Minh is a hustle and bustle city that attracts many visitors from around the world. And District 1, known as the heart of Ho Chi Minh, is where you can find great street food, bargain-heavy shopping and fun nightlife.

Cho Lon: Saigon’s Chinatown

Cho Lon is situated on the west bank of the Saigon River, from District 5 to District 6. It is founded in 1778 by Chinese minorities who hid themselves from the Tay Son and soon became a great historical and cultural importance destination. The Chinese survivor settled and began selling Chinese products to the locals and Cho Lon was a thriving black market for US soldiers trading in American Army issue supplies.

Top 6 Beaches Near Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many beautiful beaches alongside of it. If you are a travellers staying in Saigon, which beach is near for you to explore? For most people, what is more than a relaxation after a whole week hard-working than a sun-bath at the beach. Observing the surf or building the sand castle is also a great activity to escape from the melting pot city of Ho Chi Minh.

Cobalt Wine Bar & Restaurant

Cobalt Wine Bar & Restaurant is the place where you can taste good food in a chic setting in the center of Ho Chi Minh city. On the 30th floor, you can enjoy a bistro-style menu on their open-air terrace or inside.

10 Cheapest Hotels in Pham Ngu Lao

If your budget is low, cheap accommodation will absolutely be your choice. But which hotel is not only cozy and comfy but also near the city center in order to be convenient for you in your trip to Ho Chi Minh city?

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Top 10 Vietnam War Documentary

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Pet-friendly Apartment List In Ho Chi Minh City

As far as is known, pet-friendly apartment is not an extremely familiar term particularly in Vietnam and Asian countries in general. However, Saigon already offers a fair number of pet-friendly accommodations for those who really love their beloved pets and tend to stay with them during their journey.

Difference Among Districts In Ho Chi Minh City

It comprises of 24 districts: 19 central districts and 5 suburban districts. Each one has their own distinctiveness in their cultures, living style, cuisine, level of development and so on.