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Art gallery

Top 10 Contemporary Art Gallery Must-come in Vietnam

Vietnam is the home of an exciting creative artist community and one of the most celebrated styles in the world. Here are...

Karik – Underground vs Mainstream

In the past Karik real name is Phạm Hoàng Khoa, born in 12/04/1989. In 2006, he took part in...

Best rap love singer in Vietnam

Binz In Vietnam, Xuân Diệu is one of the most famous poet in Vietnam...

Top 10 things you must buy in Vietnam

After visiting any country, especially a beautiful country - Vietnam, it is nice to have a souvenir to bring home as a...
Precious Heritage by Rehahn

The 10 Best Art Galleries and Studios in Hoi An, Vietnam

The ancient city of Hoi An is a UNESCO Heritage Site, home to beautiful traditional architecture dating back to the 15th century....

Vietnamese Traditional Music

Vietnamese traditional music or folk music is one major branch of Vietnamese music, truly reflecting the typical characteristics of people, culture, customs,...
Institut Français de Hanoï

10 Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries In Vietnam

Vietnam is home to a vibrant cultural scene despite its authoritarian context, and the country’s contemporary art spaces should not be overlooked. We update our...

10 Documentaries to Watch Before Visiting Vietnam

Before heading to Vietnam it’s best to become familiar with the country’s dynamic history and culture. To help, we’ve compiled a list...

What Do You Know About Indie Music

"Indie" or the full name is "Independent music", roughly understood as "independent music". You understand, independence is not dependent. According to the definition of the music market in the world, indie music is the only singer, songwriter, song that was born / operated independently, independent of companies or promotional strategies, advertisement. But, don't confuse the indie as a genre or genre.
Tattoo Tadashi

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Looking to get some ink done, Vietnamese-style? Ho Chi Minh City is home to an abundance of high-quality tattoo studios. Read on...

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Tuyen Vu painting: The Season of Love in 2013

Tuyen Vu with Lotus Flower Passion

In 2015, Tuyen Vu wrote:“I love lotus flowers and also love painting them…They represent love, optimism and a beautiful life. I love...
Bamboo Circus shows rice-picking factory line

For the 1st time, a Vietnamese show Bamboo Circus performed in Sydney Opera House

À Ố Làng Phố, one of the most well-known Vietnamese Bamboo Circus shows, will surprise Australians at the Sydney Opera House, becoming...
View Across Hàng Gai (Hemp Street), 1994

The Rapid Modernisation of Post-War Hanoi through Photos

William E. Crawford is one of the first Western photographers to travel inside post-war Hanoi in 1985. He began documenting the transformation...