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How to avoid pickpocket while travelling?

In many nations, especially developing ones or third world countries, pickpocket happens oftenly. Precautions must be made to secure yourself as well as your properties.

8 Tips For Small Apartment Become Wider

Decluttering is always a difficult task for everyone. A better choice they usually recommended is to keep a bunch of stuff in a small space.

Checklist Before Moving To New Apartment

Moving from an old apartment to a new one would take you lots of time and money. It could also be incredibly stressful to you if your belongings are too much. But the worst in the whole experience is being unprepared of anything.

16 Tips To Prevent Hotel Room Theft

Although most people take care of themselves very good with many types of protection, they seem to consider their belongings less serious.

How To Handle a Nosy Neighbor

Unlike the famous “neighbors from hell”, nosy neighbors may live quietly. Sometimes, if you don’t notice, it’s hard to find out that they are watching you. Your life will become a misery when you find yourself subjected to their scrutiny.

What To Do When You Doubt Your Cleaner Is Stealing From...

However, hiring a cleaning service also means you have to be more careful since strangers will come to your house and cleaning it. There are reports about stealing properties by the cleaners when the owners didn’t pay attention.

Must- Raised Dogs For Single People

In many countries, some people who don't want to get marriage live with their dogs for their entire life. Many interesting and touching stories about friendship between human and dogs have been told around the world.

Child – Friendly Dogs For Family With Kids

Although dogs is human best friend, some people said that they are dangerous for children and family with kids shouldn’t let their children near any dogs. There are cases that dogs bite children or even worst, bite children till death

Which Dog Is Ideal For Your Apartment

However, if you are living in an apartment, which dog types you should raise is really a matter you have to consider. The dog size can’t be too big, it may be ferocious but intelligence as well in order not to attack your neighbors, or it could be a cute dog that everyone would love it for its beauty, etc.

Tan Binh – The Airport District

Talking about Tan Binh District, many expats may find it unfamiliar and don’t even know where it is although some has stayed in Vietnam for weeks. However, if we talk about the airport district, they will realize it immediately

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Top 10 Vietnam War Documentary

One of the most catastrophic wars in Vietnamese history that the consequences have remained until now is the war against the US from 1955 to 1975. But from those unequal battles, our father's heroic stories inspired many movies, songs and books.

Pet-friendly Apartment List In Ho Chi Minh City

As far as is known, pet-friendly apartment is not an extremely familiar term particularly in Vietnam and Asian countries in general. However, Saigon already offers a fair number of pet-friendly accommodations for those who really love their beloved pets and tend to stay with them during their journey.

Difference Among Districts In Ho Chi Minh City

It comprises of 24 districts: 19 central districts and 5 suburban districts. Each one has their own distinctiveness in their cultures, living style, cuisine, level of development and so on.